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RyChus Minerals, LLC is a Minnesota based company that provides Chondrus Crispus also known as Irish Sea Moss. A sea vegetable that offers 92 of the 102 minerals our bodies are naturally made of. Minerals that our bodies need to survive on a daily basis.

It started with a couple spoons of Sea Moss:

Our business is all about wholeness, total health and inspiring others. We believe the cure to all things is for one to have a heathy mental state and a healthy gut. Both need to be clear because both play a vital role in our day-to-day decision making. This was fully understood when our founder began eating Sea Moss to improve her digestive health. 

She learned of the sea vegetables versatility as time went on. She had more energy, a clear mind and over-all felt revived. Not only did her immunity boost but so did her confidence. After years and years of gastro difficulties she was relieved to find something that actually worked! Sea Moss provided healing and nourishment both inside and out, it became a must have for herself and her family. 

Question: Have you ever tried something that you learned about only to find that it was the best thing ever? Well, she did and so did we! The benefits are endless and because this earthly product improved her health she made it her business to share it with other. She shared her idea with her life partner who continues play a important role in the business. That is our story and how RyChus Minerals, LLC came about; treat others as you'd treat yourself goes a long way.

"We were highly Inspired by the late Dr. Sebi who spoke frequently about health and Irish Sea Moss. After COVID-19 hit in March 2020, we knew it was time to offer this amazing super food to the entire community. Now, here we are meeting a need and plan to continue to do so. Health is truly the new wealth!" - Shanta Mayweather


Thank you for being on this journey with us!


Founder: Shanta Mayweather

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