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Purple vs Gold vs Chondrus Crispus

Both Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus Crispus) and Genus Gracilaria are concentrated sources of 92 essential minerals.107 minerals are found in the human body, our bodies won’t survive without them. 

There are thousands of sea moss species, the most popular types currently used is: Genus Gracilaria- Sea Moss (algae) that grows in warmer waters and is most popular in Jamaica and St. Lucia. It is gold/yellow in color, sometimes light purple and even green. It has a thin stringy, root fingered look. Most often mosses are air dried, lighter colored algae is dried in the sun. 


Jamaican Purple- This is another popular variety of sea moss that is also Genus Garcilaria. It said the darker the moss means the less exposure to the sun. This algae has additional benefits which includes enhancing memory and aiding in cancer prevention. 


Chondrus Crispus- "The "real" Irish Moss" is what the late Dr. Sebi called it. This seaweed was heavily consumed during the Irish Potato Famine in the 1800's. It is grown on rocks inside cooler waters along the coast of Ireland, Great Britain, Maine, Canada and other countries. Chondrus Crispus has it's own unique look with flat fan-like wide shape tops. The benefits, smell and taste of this seaweed is more potent than Genus Garcilaria. The color is a deep dark purple but can also vary. Only 1 Tbsp is required when consumed on a daily basis.

** Have a shellfish or Iodine sensitivity? If yes, refrain from using any sea moss products.**

**All three sea mosses offered by RyChus Minerals are extremely beneficial. Whichever you decide to purchase we promise you won’t be disappointed, we encourage customers to try them all. Always check with your medical professional before introducing Sea Moss to your diet as certain herbs and supplements may negatively interact with medications.**

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