Purple vs Gold

Both Irish Sea Moss and Purple Sea Moss are concentrated sources of 92 essential minerals found in the human body. Both offer a variety of beauty and health benefits, to name a few: 

- Supports gut health - Boosts Immunity - Vitamin Rich- Aid in joint repair/health- Contains anti- inflammatory and anti-viral properties

- Removes mucus and toxins out the body- Helps balance thyroid hormones- Improves skin conditions - Provides nutrition for scalp and hair growth - Can improve depression, anxiety and moodiness 

There are thousands of sea moss species, the most popular types we provide is:


Genus Gracilaria- grows in warmer waters and is most popular in Jamaica and St. Lucia. It grows on rocks and has a thin stringy, root fingered look. It has many colors but is typically yellow/gold. It is more exposed to the air and sun than Jamaican Purple Sea Moss. This is another popular variety of sea moss that looks just like Genus Garcilaria. The deeper the dive, the deeper the color which makes it more potent. 


Chondrus Crispus- The "real" Irish Moss. It's one of the seaweeds consumed during the Irish Potato Famine in the 1800's. It also grows on the coast of Ireland, Great Britain, Maine, Canada and other cooler water places. It grows on rocks and not often farm raised like Genus Gracilaria. Chondrus Crispus has it's own unique look with flat fan-like wide shape tops. It's smell and state are different and it's potency higher than the other two named above. The color is a deep dark purple but can also vary. This is the sea moss Dr. Sebi spoke about more than any of the other species. It's not easy to get and is also very popular. 

Genus Garcilaria is less expensive than the other two with Chondrus Crispus being the highest priced. All sea moss is good for the body and is encouraged to be used or eaten on a daily basis.