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What is Irish Sea Moss?

There are countless varieties of edible Sea Vegetables
that are magnificent for our human bodies and for our pets. 
The word "Irish" in Sea Moss came from Ireland's Potato Famine
in the 1840's, Sea Moss is what kept the Irish full once consumed.

Sea Moss is a generic name used to describe 
some species of algae however, there thousands with each having
their own botanical description and benefits. It's 90 plus minerals,
vitamins, and life-
giving properties come directly from its
habitat; the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. 

Irish Sea Moss is a sure super "food" that is used in a variety of
ways to enhance our bodies both inside and out. When used
consistently the benefits are endless, and well worth your health!

RyChus Minerals Sea Moss has nothing but the BEST Sea Moss Species
from Lima, Peru, Maine, and St. Lucia. We do not choose our partners lightly,
all sources are verified, and sea veggies tested.


Some of the many benefits shared by many of YOU!
Continue to share your reviews, we love hearing from everyone!

Joint & Muscle Repair

Weight Management

Skin Rejuvenation 

Energy Boost


Immune Boost

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