Our Purple Sea Moss is wildcrafted, ocean nurished, and from the waters of Jamaica. It is 100% raw Sea Moss with no added flavors, colors, addictives or perseratives. This sea veggie alone offers 92 minerals and is more potent than Irish Sea Moss (Gold). Purple Sea Moss is mature moss due to being attached to its rock longer. It's deeper in the ocean not exposed to the sun or air, the darker the hue the better for you.
Yes, Purple Sea Moss has a more potent taste and stronger smell than our other gels. We highly encourage all to sample the gel alone as you may find that it's pleasant to your taste buds.
The gel consistency is liken to jello or apple sauce.

(Jamaican Purple) Sea Moss Gel

SKU: 0002
  • Keep refridgerated with the jar lid off.

    Enjoy daily.

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