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Behind the Brand:

“As young men of color a lot of what we do is often looked upon as illicit which means “illegal; not conforming to; not permitted”. We are changing that! In actuality, it has always been popular to not be legally permitted. The lives of our ancestors and leaders have proven this. We are here to stay! Wearing this shirt tells the world around us that: 1. Knowing self & Being true to self unapologetically without approval is #1 2. Doing whats unpopular, going against the trends, exploring your own gifts is freedom 3. Always Standing firm, fearlessly speaking truth is power 4. Change starts with you because your unique hand print is what the next generation will see When asked the meaning of this shirt remember the above, great conversation starters.”

illicit: Not Legally Permitted Basic Tee

Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL: Black